What is the Rice MSA?

The Rice University Muslim Student Association is an open organization welcoming individuals from all backgrounds. We attempt to foster Islamic Awareness in our campus, as well as beyond the hedges. We are open to any suggestions and feedback that may better carry out our mission statement. The Rice MSA holds a variety of events throughout the year that cater to both the Muslim members and the general Rice community. These events include Fast-A-Thon, Ramadan iftars, Eid banquets, guest lecturers, and Islam Immersion Week, as well as community service events.

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the Rice MSA is to foster unity among Muslim students at Rice, to spread Islam Awareness across campus, and to engage in community service.

Our Constitution can be viewed here.

Stay Connected

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And feel free to email us at msa@rice.edu.

Places to Pray

Muslim students and visitors can pray in the Prayer Room that is located right of the chapel in the Rice Memorial Center (RMC). From the front doors of the chapel, turn right and then turn left at the first walkway on your left. The prayer room door will be the first door on your right. (Here's a video showing how to find it from the chapel doors.) Prayer rugs, headscarves, and flip-flops (for doing wudu) can be found there. If the Prayer Room door is locked on the outside, please ask the RMC Information Desk to open it.

Jummah Prayer Info

Jummah prayers are usually on Fridays at two times: 1 PM in the prayer room (directions), and 2 PM in the Kyle Morrow Room (KMR), on the third floor of Fondren Library. To get there, after entering Fondren Library from the front entrance, turn left into the small area, and take the elevator on the left to the third floor. The KMR will be the first set of double doors on your left as you exit the elevator.

Click here to see all the prayer locations and directions.

Occasionally, Jummah prayer may be held in a different location. Sign up for our mailing list to stay updated about Jummah prayer locations. (You can view past emails in our archives.)

Want to give a khutbah? Fill out the khutbah signup form! Click here for a khutbah guide, and find already prepared khutbahs here. A guide for how to call adhan (call to prayer) and iqama can also be found.

Halal Dining at Rice

At Rice, halal food is served in the campus serveries. Menus can be seen here. Look for the dishes marked "halal." Halal meat is served for most meals at Seibel Servery by Lovett and Will Rice colleges. Halal chicken is also available at North and West Serveries upon request.


Thank you for your interest in donating to the Rice University Muslim Student Association. Funds are used to sponsor social events, prayer materials, community service projects, and interfaith dialogue. If you would like to sponsor us in the form of services, materials, or any other non-monetary form of support, email us.

Two Ways to Donate



  1. Visit Rice University's donation website here or copy and paste the following link into your browser's address bar: https://riceconnect.rice.edu/giving. (If you would like to make a gift on behalf of a company, please call 713-348-5804.)

  2. Enter the amount you wish to donate and under "Designation," select "Other (Please specify in special instructions)."

  3. Click "Add Donation."

  4. Select if you would like for the gift to one-time or recurring, anonymous, as part of a will/trust/retirement plan, and/or dedicated to someone.

  5. Include "Donation to the Rice Muslim Student Association" in the Special Instructions field in order to ensure that the MSA receives the funds. See the screenshot below for reference.

  6. Submit the form.

  7. Click to view in a new tab.

    By mail


    To donate by mail, make checks payable to Rice University, with instructions to designate the gift to the Rice University Muslim Student Association. You can then mail the check to:

    Rice University

    Office of Development MS-81

    PO Box 1892

    Houston, TX 77251-1892

    If you need help with either donation method, feel free to contact Rice University's Office of Development at giving@rice.edu or 713-348-4600.

    Thank you for your support!