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What is the Rice MSA?

The Rice University Muslim Student Association is an open organization welcoming individuals from all backgrounds. We attempt to foster Islamic Awareness in our campus, as well as beyond the hedges. We are open to any suggestions and feedback that may better carry out our mission statement. The Rice MSA holds a variety of events throughout the year that cater to both the Muslim members and the general Rice community. These events include Fast-A-Thon, Ramadan iftars, Eid banquets, guest lecturers, and Islam Awareness Week, as well as community service events.

Mission statement

The purpose of the Rice MSA is to foster unity among Muslim students at Rice, to spread Islam Awareness across campus, and to engage in community service.

Looking for a Muslim Roommate?

If you're an incoming freshmen and you're anxious about being placed with an incompatible roommate, look no further! Rice MSA is partnering with coordinators from all colleges on campus to help pair you up with a Muslim Roommate!

Fill out this form and we'll do our best to match you!

Successful Feeding the Homeless Event!!

Thank you all for coming out and passing out sandwiches to the Houston Homeless!! May Allah reward you generously! Feeding the Homeless

A message to Incoming Freshmen

Welcome to Rice University and Rice University's MSA! We're honored to have you as a part of our community and we're looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you.

Visit our Facebook Page and Twitter to connect with all of us and get more information about what's happening!

Newly joined the MSA and don't know where to pray? Check out these awesome videos to help orient you...

Excited about O-Week?

Don't forget to break your fast with us!

Visit our O-week Page for more information.

Are you a RUMA?

"What's a RUMA?", you ask. A RICE UNIVERSITY MUSLIM ALUMNI, of course! Do you remember this picture? Past Did you graduate from Rice recently, or not so recently? Are you interested in networking with other Rice graduates for individual, professional and societal leadership? Rice University MSA is spearheading an initiative to form an association of Rice Alumni and is looking for you! Join now to enjoy the fruitfull benefits! For more information, visit !

Like our RUMA Facebook to keep up with us and get updates!

Beginning of the Year Announcements!!

Time to start another productive year, Insha-Allah! We have many events for you to join us in from Eid socials to an Iftar with Rice University's own President Leebron! Come out and indulge in great food and talk with your fellow brothers and sisters.

Info about Eid Prayers!!

ISGH will be holding an Eid prayer at Reliant Stadium on Sunday, August 19th. Takbeerat will start at 9am and Salat will be at 10am. See flyer below for information about parking. For those without a car, Reliant Stadium can be reached via the MetroRail. Eid Salat ISGH

Masjid El-Farouq will be holding 3 Eid prayers on either Saturday, August 18th or Sunday, August 19th. Visit their website on Friday night after 9:30pm to find out about the Eid start date. Salat times will be as follows inshAllah:

  1. 07:30 AM with Sh. Sayyed
  2. 09:00 AM with Sh. Joe Bradford
  3. 10:30 AM with Sh. AbdulRahman Chao
We will keep you updated on Eid prayers at other masjids.

Halal Meal Option on Campus!!

"Whoo Deli", the little shop located in South servery near the Hanszen side, is offering a kosher/halal meal option for lunch and dinner. If you are an undergraduate with a meal plan, you can just swipe your ID at mealtime and get food from the deli; students may complete their meals with additional items from their college servery. For those who are interested, students need to go to Housing & Dining and get a special sticker for their ID. A informational flyer is attached to this email.

Kosher Flyer

RUMA MPA Networking Event

Consider joining RUMA for MPA's networking event on Thursday, Sep 20th at 6pm with Dr. Kulsoom Abdullah, a computer engineer and professional weight lifter. Students can attend for $15. All others can attend for $25 by registering at by Sep 19th.

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Prayer Times

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